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Let's see what your cards have to share with you.

If you've seen my YouTube videos and you'd like to take your experience to another level, I may have just the thing for you. I specialize in providing synchronistic and intuitive readings to get a deeper understanding of your roles and relationships in Life (and maybe even how to navigate the blind-spots).


As a part of my skills as a certified spiritual teacher and experienced tarot reader, I create meditative environments and personalized intuitive card readings designed to shift your perspective so you can more easily navigate hard times, remember (and live through) your soul purpose, and aid you through your life's ups and downs. 


I'll create a custom ASMR-style video that includes your meditative reading channelled specifically for you and your current experience.

"The reading was so heartfelt and magical. Kim's deep care and powerful insight are wonderfully apparent. Her words are both comforting and inspiring. I'm so looking forward to more readings!"

-Alyssa, USA

Miss Synchronicity's 1:1 Personal Readings

Get a Personalized Tarot Oracle Reading Meditation with Sacred Activations


Make the most of the energies the universe is working through you right now. When messages are given to you from synchronicity, it can be a Spiritual Initiation, your Right of Passage to overcome your current obstacles, and activate a new level of Spiritual Evolution within you.


To aid you on your journey, I will pull cards and intuitively read your energy, then guide you through a relaxing hypnosis meditation from afar.

(In the style of ASMR in a personalized video)

I'd love to provide a custom experience for you based on the relationship that is most relevant to you right now. Once you sign up for a Reading with Synchronicity, you can choose from a list of relationships in your life that you would like to work on the most:

Relationship to a Past Life

Relationship with someone in your Life

Relationship to your career 

Once I receive this information from you, I will turn to the guidance of Tarot and the Sacred Geometric Activations Oracle to give you a special message that will help to activate your highest frequency in your Relationships.

Book now to experience the Majesty of Synchronicity!

"I smiled many times and everything resonated with me. I really do appreciate how much you gave to this reading and I know it will serve me well."

-Cat, USA

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